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ACE Plastic Containers & Custom Plastic Packaging Malaysia

Ace Tex uses suitable and quality materials in its manufacture of quality plastic containers and custom plastic packaging products in Malaysia. Our custom plastic packaging containers are of high quality and at the same time provide a cheaper, safer, healthier and user-friendly alternative to conventional plastic packaging methods. We are able to custom manufacture your plastic packaging containers to your specifications such as shapes, size, colour and quantities.

Popular amount our wide range of plastic packaging containers are our translucent Ace plastic containers which allows for easy identification of content. These plastic packaging containers have become a preferred choice for household use, packaging for the food industry and hospital food service.

Ace Tex also produces a range of custom plastic containers that can be suitably used for non-food items such as stationery, hardware, toys and applications for a multitude of other industries in Malaysia.

These custom made plastic packaging and plastic containers products have the following advantages: -

  • Clarity and visibility
  • Hygiene & environmental friendly
  • Variety of colours
  • Wider applications
  • Better cost efficiency
  • Food grade quality
  • Recyclable and CFC Free
  • Fridge, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Ability to withstand both extremely high temperature (100°C) and low (-5°C) temperatures
  • Ability to withstand vast changes of temperature (i.e. it can go straight from the fridge into the microwave)
custom made plastic containers

Other Custom Plastic Packaging Products

Since custom plastic packaging is a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to other types of containers, custom plastic packaging makes an ideal choice for businesses in Malaysia.

Custom plastic packaging can be used to package virtually any product, including electronics, household items, pharmaceuticals, food products, and chemicals. Even water and beverages can be packaged in custom plastic containers. The custom plastic containers are lightweight and, therefore, very easy to transport from the manufacturer to the store shelves where they will be sold. Plastic buckets for use as temporary storage units or stackable custom plastic boxes make it easier for workers on assembly lines to move finished products from place to place quickly and safely.

Boxes made from custom plastics are also very easy to clean because most custom plastic containers are manufactured without attached lids. This means that custom plastic box lids can be easily removed for cleaning and then replaced without having to worry about the box becoming waterlogged.

Custom plastic packaging is also a good way to reduce environmental waste because it can be recycled and reused. Our custom plastic packaging products manufactured in Malaysia are made from 100% recyclable materials, so they can be used repeatedly without harming the environment. Custom plastic packaging is also less expensive than other types of packaging, making it a more affordable option for businesses of all sizes in Malaysia.

Custom plastic packaging is quickly becoming the most popular way to package products due to its many benefits. It is eco-friendly, easy to use, lightweight, and economical.

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