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Malaysia Plastic Food Packaging & Disposable Food Containers Supplier

Ace Tex Packaging Products Sdn. Bhd. is wholly Malaysian owned plastic food container and food packaging products supplier, was established in year 1995. We offer an extensive range of disposable plastic containers for hot meal takeaways and all kinds of celebrations and outdoor picnics. We also sell a variety of plastic packaging containers for restaurants, bakeries, delis, chemists, caterers, cafes and food processing industries.

We favor a service-oriented, client friendly approach to marketing. We place high priority on its commitments to customer service and satisfaction, by ensuring finest quality, competitive pricing, fast and accurate order processing to keep our customer happy.

With Ace Tex as your "One-Stop Supplier" of plastic food packaging & disposable plastic food packaging containers products, we will turn problems into dependable solutions and implement programs that are efficient and cost effective.

Contact us today and enjoy the great service and friendliness we are renowned in Ace Tex. We are ready to design a successful plastic products supplier chain solution of you.

Our diverse range of plastic packaging products include

  • Plastic takeaway food packaging containers and sauce containers
  • Disposable plastic cutlery, plastic plates and plastic cups in all sizes
  • Plastic carry bags and rubbish bags in all sizes
  • Plastic glove, vinyl gloves and latex gloves
  • Cling wrap and aluminum foil
  • Toilet paper, facial tissue, paper hand towels, paper serviettes and paper napkins
  • Much more...

Plastic Food Packaging & Disposable Plastic Food Containers Products

plastic container
Product Code : A650
120mm x 175mm x 48mm
Sleeve Quantity : 50
Carton Quantity : 500
plastic container
Product Code : E1000-2C
120mm x 175mm x 70mm
Sleeve Quantity : 50
Carton Quantity : 500
plastic container
Product Code : S1500
140mm Dia x 120mm
Sleeve Quantity : 15
Carton Quantity : 120
Plastic Food Packaging

Plastic Food Packaging

Ace Tex Packaging provides custom made plastic food packaging solutions that make our customers' products stand out from the crowd. Our custom made plastic packaging is used in every industry, including medical, pharmaceutical, food, retail, and many others. We specialize in disposable plastic packaging and plastic food packaging.

Plastic Food Container

Disposable Plastic Food Packaging Container

Ace Tex Packaging is a Malaysia's PP food packaging container supplier specializes in disposable plastic food packaging container and plastic take away food packaging container. Store your food in plastic food packaging containers that are both durable and easily disposable. We carry polypropylene (PP) disposable food packaging containers to handle all types of food items.

Why Choose Disposable Food Packaging

Disposable food packaging oftentimes gets a bad reputation from the press. It is been stated that disposable containers are bad for the environment and entirely wasteful. While there are definitely several food service products that will end up decades in a landfill, there are also numerous companies that utilize biodegradable materials like sugar, starch, gelatin, and polylactic acid for their containers. These can be recycled or safely disposed of, effectively excluding one of the biggest protests regarding disposable food products. The disposable food packaging that is made from biodegradable or recycled materials offers plenty of benefits which include the following.


Saving Energy and Water

It takes a lot of energy and water to constantly wash reusable dishes. An industrial-sized dishwasher that is used by big restaurants utilizes 7-8 gallons of water per minute. On the other hand, disposable food containers don't need washing since they are only thrown away.



One benefit of disposable food packaging that many individuals may not ponder is that they are generally more sanitary compared to reusable lunch boxes and plates. A piece of silverware or a plate can be reused and washed but that won't completely remove all the bacteria that was left over. At the same time, a disposable container lessens the chance of contamination and food-borne illness.



The reason why many restaurants and their customers prefer the usage of disposable food containers is due to the convenience factor. Aside from reducing the washing of dishes and utensils, diners can take their meal with them if they want to eat later or if they are in a hurry, which is convenient for both involved.


Keep Food From Spoiling

Disposable food packaging is a better option for restaurants that offer takeout or delivery. Many lunch boxes and containers that are disposable are designed to keep the dishes hot while in transit. It implies that it will be fresh and warm even after a long trip. This cuts down the quantity of food that has to be disposed of because of improper storage and spoilage.

If you manage or own a food service business or are just someone who prefers quality food containers, make sure you are browsing Ace Tex Packaging's wide selection of plastic food containers and plastic food packaging.